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Hey, and welcome to my Northwest SISU personal website!

For now, this site,, will be a place where I will be posting photos (and videos), derived from my photography interest.

It will be more like a personal site, compared to my other, more technical sites, NW Sisu Garage, and NW Sisu Outdoors.

I might in the future, expand it to other topics beyond photography.

I am not a professional photographer, but rather an amateur, with a consumer/beginner-grade DSLR camera, with "low-end" lenses, still learning to take photos. But even a non-professional, with a cheaper camera setup, gets lucky with some better shots sometimes, and those are the pictures I would like to share here. It is a proof, and encouraging to others, that one doesn’t  need high skills and expensive gear in order to enjoy photography! So far, most of my photos have been nature photos.

Please check back often for new content!